Monday, March 13, 2017

Hardwood or Laminated Floors: What to Buy?

If we talk about a few top flooring options currently available for the residential and commercial projects, then hardwood and laminate stand like one of the best options. These are the two flooring types that are recognized for their durability and value that they add to a property. Both are a great option for both homes and offices. But, when someone has to select one option out of two, then you will have to know which one is the better option. Making comparisons between the two flooring options will help you choose the right option as per your needs and requirements. Here is the important information that you should know before selecting one for your project of floor installation in Stafford, VA.
Residential flooring Stafford VA

Different Hardwood Species

When it comes to the hardwood floors, then there is a wide variety to choose from, in terms of wood species. Here are the most popular wood species to choose from, if you wish to buy hardwood flooring in Stafford, VA for your home or office:
·         Oak hardwood
·         Maple hardwood
·         Hickory (Pecan) hardwood
·         Bamboo hardwood
·         Brazilian Cherry
·         Brazilian Walnut
·         Pine wood
·         Douglas Fir
·         Heart Pine
Apart from the above mentioned wood species, there are also some other hardwood species, such as birch, ash, American cherry, and American walnut, etc.
Hardwood flooring Stafford VA

Different Laminated Flooring Options

If you wish to buy laminatedfloor in Stafford, VA, then here are the available laminate surface types that you can choose from:
·         Smooth laminate
·         Embossed and/or textured laminate
·         Distressed/Hand scraped laminate
You can choose from the above mentioned surface types, if you have decided that you are going to install the laminate floor in your home or office.
Laminated floor Stafford VA

Things to Consider, While Selecting Residential Flooring and Commercial Flooring

If you are looking for the residential flooring in Stafford, VA, then you can even choose an average quality floor because of the low foot traffic in the houses. However, you must need to choose the best quality floor for your project of commercial flooring in Stafford, VA. You should know that the laminate is more durable than the hardwood. But, if you are more concerned about the aesthetics, then hardwood is a much better choice than the laminate floors. Another edge of the hardwood over laminate is that it can easily be repaired. So, it becomes a better choice in terms of long run value.
Hardwood flooring Stafford VA

Important: Always Hire a Specialized Floor Installation Expert

Whether you choose hardwood or laminate, remember that the quality of installation matters a lot. Always hire a floor installer that is:
·         Specialized in hardwood/laminate floor installation
·         Experienced
·         Certified
·         Offers insured services
·         Have a proven work history
If you hire someone that doesn’t have much experience in the installation of the wood or laminate floors, then this will reduce the life of the floor. So, it is highly recommended to hire a specialized floor installer to complete the job in the most appropriate manner.

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