Monday, January 16, 2017

Hardwood VS Laminate Floors – Selecting the Right Option

Whenever there is a need to replace or install a floor in a house, there is a big debate on which type of floor should be the right choice. It’s true that all types of floors will look immaculate, when installed in an appropriate manner. But, it is not only the aesthetics that need to be considered, while installing a new floor. There are also many other factors and things that are needed to be in the homeowner’s mind before investing on a particular floor. Today, we are here to make comparisons between the two most commonly used floors, laminate and hardwood.
Buying hardwood or laminate for your project of floor installation in Stafford, VA will provide you many perks. But due to the fact that you need to install one, so you should know which one is the better option, in your case. Let’s make a few comparisons to help you pick the right floor.
Hardwood vs Laminated floor Stafford VA

Cost Comparisons

I am sure that you would be concerned about how much your pocket allows you to invest in a flooring project. So, before you select hardwood or laminate, you will definitely want to know their estimated cost. Laminated floors will cost you approximately $3 - $12 per square foot, depending on which quality laminate material you choose. On the other hands, the cost of hardwood flooring in Stafford, VA can cost you around $7 - $16 per square foot. So, hardwood floors are little more expensive than the laminate floors.

Durability Comparisons

If you install the right quality wood floors and finished and maintained properly, then they can easily last for many decades. The durability of the wood floors depends on different factors, such as where they are installed, the wood specie, whether or not the wood is finished, and how they are maintained. Hardwood floors shouldn’t be installed in the basements. On the other hands, the laminated floors will have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years, after which you will have to replace them.

Installation Difficulty Level

Installing hardwood floors is a little more difficult process than installing laminate floors. It means that the installers will demand more money for installing hardwood floors in Stafford, VA because it needs more skills, time and effort.

Maintenance Comparisons

It is very easy to keep both hardwood and laminate floors clean because they both are hard and plain surfaces. For the maintenance of the hardwood floors, you will have to use the right quality cleaners. One drawback of the laminate floors is that it is not possible to sand or refinish them like hardwood.

Value Comparisons

Whether you have bought hardwood or laminated floor in Stafford, VA you are going to get a great value. The resale value of hardwood floors is excellent, while the laminate floor resale value is good to fair. So, hardwood again has a little edge over the laminate floor.


Hardwood floors have a little more advantage, when we compare them with the laminate floors. However, both are a great option, when you need to replace or install a valuable floor. Whatever flooring type you select, you need to make sure two things. One is that you should buy the right quality floor and the second is that you should consider the professional and specialized installation. This will ensure you a successful flooring project.

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